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Welcome to A2B Car Hire, the UK’s leading Long term car rental , offering Long Term Car Hire from as little as £185 per month.

A2B Car Hire, was set up as a alternative to car leasing, we found that our clients came from all walks of life, and wanted a to rent a car for a long term basis.

Some clients wanted a long term car rental, as they may have been placed on a probation period at work, and needed a car for 3 or 4 months until their company car arrived, some other examples included one customer who ordered a brand new car and had to wait 6 month for it to arrive, so rather paying crazy money for a long term car rental from some of the major companies, they came direct to us.

We offer a cost effective long term car rental service to clients across the UK.

Our business module is very simple, we purchase quality used cars these are known as CAT C or CAT D cars,  and arrange to hire them to clients who need a long term car rental service and our prices start from £40 a week.

Unlike most rental companies, we do not charge a deposit, we deliver all our cars direct to your door free of charge, and we offer a great service, so if your looking for a great rental company we can help. Our rental prices start from as little as £185 per month, and our minimal rental period is 3 months.

To book a long term car hire , please call us on 0800 689 3146


As a small business we aim to offer the best customer service experience to our clients. Remember when you rent a car-

  • You must arrange the insurance.
  • Option to deliver and collect the car direct from your door.
  • Great prices online.
  • No credit checks.
  • Large selection of cars in stock.
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