How Does It Work

So how does it work?

Most of our customers need a long term car rental as they may have ordered a new car, and have to wait for it to be delivered, or their existing car has been involved in an accident, and need to rent a car until the insurance company pays out. Whatever the reason A2B car hire is here to help.

You MUST have a valid car insurance in place where you are the named policy holder, the insurance should allow you to drive any other car third party (Please check to ensure it allows you to drive cars leased to you) if not, you can add the vehicle to your policy as a temporary car.

Our rates are based on a 30 day rolling agreement, so if you see a car you would like to book for example a Ford Focus, if you have been given a price of £200 a month, that price is based upon you taking the car for 30 days.

To start your long term car hire experience, please call us direct on 0800 689 3146

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