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boxster car hire uk

Our Porsche Boxster starts from £850 Per Month.

What can we say, this is a great fun car to drive. Automatic - Convertible

If you are lucky enough to drive our Porsche, you will not be disappointed this car sports written all over it.

The Porsche Boxster has in built satellite navigation, easy to drive and a great sound system.

It also has upgraded allow wheels and is strictly restricted to 1000 miles per month.

Amazing value for our Porsche Boxster long term car hire in UK.

If you are interested in renting this car over a long period of time please call us on 0800 689 3146


  • Deposit of £1500
  • You must be in full time employment.
  • Must Insure the car at all times.
  • Must have excellent credit.
  • Can't miss a payment during your initial rental.
  • Must be willing to enjoy the car.

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