1. When you take a car from us you agree to the following terms.

You agree that you will arrange suitable insurance for the lease period.

You agree that during the lease if there is a puncture or nail in the tyre you will replace the effected tyre.

Any fixed penalty offence of contravention in respect of the vehicle under part III or section 66 of the road traffic act 1988 including congestion charging and any excess parking charges in respect to any order under section 45 / 46 of the road regulations traffic act 184, as well as any other penalty charge insured under the road traffic act 1991 / damage caused I will accept responsibility. There will be a £50 admin fee to process any tickets received in relation to this lease.

Miles limit is restricted to 1200 per month 0.40p charge per mile thereafter 

The vehicle will be delivered and collected from Ewloe Social club CH5 3AU unless you pay £300 for delivery and collection

Please note that A2B cars does not provide any break down cover, if in the event of a fault / issue with the vehicle you must arrange & pay for the car to be delivered to our repair centre in Chester Once the car has arrived we will provide a replacement car at no extra cost.

2. Payment terms. (How you pay)

When you make a formal booking a £100 deposit is taken to secure the car. Once the car is delivered the reminder of the balance is due. If you are paying monthly then the 1st month payment is due, less your £100 deposit, same if you are paying upfront.

3. If there is a fault with the car.

Very occasionally there may be a fault with the car, we don’t provide new cars, when the fault is minor such as a flat battery, or wear and tear issues we will attempt to get a local mechanic to you, if this fails YOU MUST arrange for the car to be delivered to Chester. Most of our customers will take out some sort of breakdown cover. Make sure you ask them if they will recover the car to anywhere in the UK (The AA has a service called Relay Plus)

• You can not cancel the agreement if their is a fault.

• You must work with us to resolve the issue.

• It is possible that we may have to replace tryes, brake pads while the car in in your possession, this is wear and tear but paid for by A2B CAR HIRE, this is not grounds to cancel the agreement.

4. Canceling the agreement

When you are booking the car, the sales of good act does not apply, as a result of this the contract is protected under the Consumer contract act 2013 

This means when you book a car, just as if you were booking a hotel or flight you can not cancel the agreement, even if you have not taken delivery of the car.

Please note we do not do new cars. Our cars range from 2005 up to 2014, You are more than welcome to call us to see what year of car you will get when you place your booking.

5. Our Vehicles

We purchase 90% of our vehicles from Insurance companies due to minor damage, our vehicles are classed as CAT C or CAT D cars, however they have minor scratches, due to the age of the car the insurance company will not repair them.

6. MOT & TAX

All our vehicles have a valid MOT and TAX. It may be the case that during the rental you may have to arrange a MOT at your local garage. Again A2B Car Hire will pay for the MOT. If the vehicle fails a MOT, we will either replace the vehicle, or pay for the work needed.

7. If you fail to pay the rental on time, and the agreement is canceled, you MUST drive the car back to Ewloe Social club CH5 3AU, even if you have paid for delivery and collection.

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