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rent vauxhall vectra uk

Our Vauxhall Vectra cars start from as little as £250 per month.

1.8 LTR - Manual - Great Boot size - Alloy Wheels. **Diesel**

If you need a larger car to get you around when you take out our long term car hire agreement, Our Vauxhall Vectra  will do the job.

The Vauxhall Vectra long term car hire agreement is reasonably priced starting at £250 per month.

Currently most of our fleet on the Vectra’s are Manual cars

The Vectra is a great size for every day use, it has plenty of room in the back to fit the children in, it also has a excellent boot size is good for shopping and every day activities and is a great reliable car.

Being a diesel it has great motorway miles and also has cruise control.

If you are interested in booking the Vectra for your long term car hire needs, please contact us on 01483 397021


  • You must be in full time employment.
  • Must Insure the car at all times.
  • We accept people with bad credit.
  • Can't miss a payment during your initial rental

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