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Our Small VW Polo Starts from £250 PCM

1.4 LTR - Manual - Small Boot Size, 4 Doors, Cheap to Run and Insure.

If you need a small car to get you around our Small Polo will be ideal for any journey you need to take.

The VW Polo long term car hire agreement is reasonably priced starting at £250 per month.

The vehicle is a Manual car, it doesn’t have all the electrical upgrades, the windows are Manual but still will get the job done.

If you are interested in booking the Polo for your long term car hire needs, please contact us on 01483 397021


  • You must be in full time employment.
  • Must Insure the car at all times.
  • We accept people with bad credit.
  • Can't miss a payment during your initial rental

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